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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Motor Add On's

With Front & Rear Gold Frame Sliders, Motor Only

Fat Max High Power Motor


Availability: Only 2 left in stock

We went to the drawing board and took all the problems our members complained about into consideration when designing our very own motor. Difficult tire changes-fixed! Tough braking on the Max-fixed! Higher top speeds-fIxed! Rough overall handling- Yep- we fixed that, too! We put everything together and came up with a solution for all these things. Tire changes take 20 minutes now with an easy removal system. The Fat Max includes tires that stick like glue! You can reach speeds of 33-34 MPH/53-55 KMH @48v (numbers taken from 200lb/90kg rider). When paired with a brake kit (Launching later) you can easily harness that speed and control stopping with rear disk brakes.
The motor comes prewired for the Max, but the phase connectors are made of plastic and have a tendency to melt. To address this, we include an upgraded connector for the stock controller. This has to be installed on the controller side and is simple to install, but does require soldering.
***Pictured with gold frame sliders, but not included**
If you can’t solder, add a g30 controller from our site to your order to make install plug and play.
Power: 800w-2500w Tested

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