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Big Power, Small Package

Hyper-scooter developers RION, partnered with Tronic to design the Tronic 400 VESC for their Thrust hyper-scooter. Now they’ve continued this partnership to create the Tronic 250’s, with a compact design and high-end specifications. The Tronic 250 is one of the best ESC options for high-end scooters, bikes, and skateboards with the motor voltages in the 80’s.

Perfect for Tuning

The Tronic 250’s are easily monitored and tuned with a variety of mobile apps.


  • Xmatic
  • eSkate Vesc
  • Metr**


  • Vesc Tool

Additional Specifications


  • 3 Phase wires: 5.0mm bullet connectors
  • Battery Cables: QS8
  • Unit Connectors: JST 2.0mm Pitch open ended

*If you are planning to run a 21s battery please do not use regenerative braking

**Metr app is used with their own Bluetooth module. It’s an additional cost.

No warranty is offered on standalone units.


Dimensions: 97mm/90mm/36mm

Max Absolute Peak Current: 300A for 3 seconds

Max Battery Amps: 100A

Max Operating Voltage: 88.2V or 21s*

Max Phase amps: 250A

Min Operating Voltage: 33.6V or 8s

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