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Max Range Extender (Sweet Business)



A new option asked for by our members dubbed “Sweet Business” to honor our delivery drivers that use Max’s for delivery! This is a (15ah) 36v Range extender which will double the amp hours of your Max! This modification is for those that want/need more range on your stock scooter. With everything we sell its plug & play & we only use high end cells!

Charging: Charges with Internal or External Charger

Range: 50-60 miles (double your current range on stock battery)

Includes: Battery, Wiring Harness & Bag.

Full installation instructions available & Video


Weight7 lbs
Dimensions10 × 7 × 5 in

2 reviews for Max Range Extender (Sweet Business)

  1. Tom Prégardien

    Worth every penny! Just installed it today and the range is literally doubled if not more! It’s even faster than before you will gain like 5 km/h more.
    I seriously recommend it !

  2. Clem

    This kit is 100% worth the money. Not only does it double the range of your NineBot Max but the included firmware also gives your scooter more torque and thus more speed. This kit effectively turns your NineBot Max into a better built Emove Cruiser without suspension, which you can conveniently buy on this site as well. If you ride your Max frequently and suffer from range anxiety this is the kit for you.

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